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Contact details of writers have been included in their publications with their consent. The consent to this matter has been granted for purposes including giving them the credit for their hard work and for viewers to connect with them and to communicate with them on social media.

Chapter One is not responsible for any private communication between viewers and the writers, however, we strictly advice the viewers to keep comments on this website and social media respectful and to not misuse the privilege of being able to keep contact with the writers.


As you visit this website, your IP address will be collected. Any content published by Chapter One on this website can only be shared via social media to help more viewers reach and to learn about the website. However, Chapter One does not grant permission to reproduce, sell, plagiarize(word-to-word) or edit any articles, poems, book reviews, photographs or other inclusions of text on this website.

This platform is solely maintained for the purposes of learning and encouraging writers to publish their work for the benefit of the public.

Chapter One (the website and social media pages) will use images from permitted websites only and references used to gather information for publications will be included at the footer of the publications wherever possible. All our work will be assessed by a plagiarism checker website and we assure that if any plagiarism is unavoidable (in instances where the same words have to be used by the writer to avoid misinterpretation by using similar words) it will be less than 10% as per the assessment process of the plagiarism checker used for that particular publication. (Where quotes or extracts are included, references or name of original author will be included. The rule on plagiarism will apply to poems, but not as strictly as will be applied to articles because poems are understood to be authentic to the poet.)

In addition to these rules, no viewer can advertise our website in the form of a digital advertisement or in magazines, newspapers, etc. without the consent of the founder of Chapter One.

Chapter One reserves the rights to alter and update the content of terms and conditions on this document or any other documents, criteria or content on the website, if and when necessary by the founder for the benefit of the writers or viewers or Chapter One.