How much more will you bow down?


by Aysha Afkar

Instagram: @ayshaafkar._

They just look at,
you. Judge you.
Their words making you drown.
To make an impact,
you change a life avenue,
just to achieve their fake crown.
What is more important,
is it fitting into their “view”
or is it about standing on your grown?
Yet still so lost.
Blind to see you are true.
How much more will you bow down?

Those negative whispers,
your brain keeps producing,
polluting your soul brown.
It cuts your dreams down like scissors.
Doubts of you, you start creating.
Blessing in life you stop count.
Why make your life so bitter?
For every day is a chance for remaking,
life to be more profound.
Negative whispers are just fake twisters,
for which you believe and keep mistaking.
How much more will you bow down?

You just utter, not aware,
your words are sharper than a sword.
Can not you see how much they frown?
Nonchalant. You judge. You do not care.
Expressions some cannot absorb.
For some you are just a clown.
For some a Nightmare.
Such an expert. You need an award.
Attention is what you desire around.
Self hatred. Jealousy. Ego. Coerced you unfair.
Scared to confront. You do nothing to thwart.
How much more will you bow down?


The poem speaks about 3 types of negative speech.

  1. What other people think about/say to you.
  2. What you think about/say to yourself.
  3. What you think about/say to other people.

The details of each type is for you to wonder about😉