Reluctant readers to ravenous readers


By Naduni Dinethra

Instagram: @nadunidinethra

LinkedIn: Naduni Dinethra


How many of you have heard, “What is the point of wasting so much time? Do something useful, read a book.”

Now you go to your room and decide which book to read, that is when you see your favourite comic on top of your pile of books. You grab your comic, jump on your bed, make yourself comfortable and get lost in the pages. Relatable?

Then again, how many of you have heard, “What’s the point of reading those comics? Why don’t you read something useful?”

And then we wonder why we can never get reluctant readers interested to read, no matter how good our motivational words are.

It’s only the huge textbooks with tiny letters, no pictures and loads of pages that society encourages us to read saying we will learn from them. Ravenous readers have no problem with this but you will never get a reluctant reader interested and thereby benefitted from the stereotype that comics are waste of time because that is completely WRONG!

You’ll be surprised to know that there is now scientific evidence to say reading comics makes you smarter, improves your communication skills and your cognitive functions!

A study which was conducted at the University of Oklahoma tells us the idea of pictorial superiority which doesn’t only boost memory but is a better method for teaching than our 200-year-old textbook. Comics provide one of the best ways to convey information because the content is displayed in both verbal and visual forms. Due to this combination, it makes abstract notions easier to understand. Comics display verbal communication sometimes better than we use in everyday life. So, it will boost your vocabulary skills and make the reader smarter.

If you have a friend who’s too bored to read traditional books and you just can’t get them to read, give them a nice comic and see how it goes. Some people are reluctant to read as they feel bored and have trouble getting lost between pages and pages of complicated words and comics can give a boost in energy to set them off so it’s a magic object to turn reluctant readers into ravenous readers.

So don’t think that reading a comic is only a waste of time and a way of deviating you from studies, well if you read this article properly you know it’s not.