Report back to Earth


by Naduni Dinethra

Instagram: @nadunidinethra

LinkedIn: Naduni Dinethra

How many times in school did your teacher have to yell at you, “will you snap out of it and pay attention!”

How many times have your parents, siblings or friends asked you “are you in this world?” or maybe “are you even listening to me?”

Those of you who have heard these lines frequently will already know what I’m talking about and yes I’m talking about that awesome magic where all our out-of-this-world but simply wonderful dreams are created. Daydreaming.

Now I’m sure that most of you when found daydreaming, smiling ridiculously to yourselves, staring up at the ceiling, would have probably been told to report back to Earth, to live in the real world and not in your dreamland. Of course, while too much daydreaming may indicate you have difficulty concentrating, I must tell you the best news.

Congratulations Daydreamers! According to Neuroscientists, you are displaying a sign of higher intelligence and creativity!

It was found that people who can freely let their minds wander score higher in creativity and intelligence tests. Researchers say that a more efficient brain is equal to a higher capacity to think which will of course result in your brain wandering when performing easy tasks. In a study which was conducted at Georgia Tech University, published on Neuropsychologia, a strong correlation was found between the tendency to daydream and the efficiency of the brain.

Eric Schumacher, a psychology professor at Georgia Tech said, “people with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their mind from wandering.”

So don’t worry if you occasionally wander into your dreamland, it just means that you are creative enough to make your own. You can always report back to earth when your teacher screams at you and tell them you are displaying a sign of higher intelligence.

But like the old saying goes ‘too much of anything is bad’ so go ahead and dream but remember you have to be confident that you are not missing anything important. Let’s work to make those dreams come alive! Always remember, Victor Hugo once said,

“There’s nothing like a dream to create the future”