Envisioning Life Through the Spectacles of Chaos


by Yasith Hathurusinghe

Instagram: @yasith_h

There comes a time or indeed will come a time where we exhaust ourselves trying to see the grace in our actions that never existed or never will exist in the future. Yet, here we are still pursuing to embrace our deepest tragedies with beams of gleaming positivity which in reality has been fed to us forcefully either by a life coach, therapist or even our faith. Some may often contemplate as to when this conundrum will end. Rather than picturing life through some spectacles of such optimism, when will we ever envision life as it is? When will we ever embrace our reality and come out of this sugar-coated illusory fantasy to face the circumstances as they are?

It is noteworthy that the purpose here is neither to condemn nor be satirical about seeking motivation, confidence or guidance to increase our self-esteem. But, it is equally noteworthy to raise the question as to whether we are doing it the right way. Every person has their own distinctly unique opinion of life whether it be theosophical, philosophical or even culturally validated, and undeniably to a desperate soul who’s holding the last pieces of string which constitute his life, all of this may seem to be utter confusion. That soul may very well wish to seek aid, repentance or even bestow himself to the view of another. Thus, it is important to ensure that we do not open gateways to be force-fed in such a vulnerable stage by people who think that they too have suffered the same circumstance which ultimately qualifies them to provide their guidance. 

Indeed, it is understandable that a critic may censure the author’s perspective for imposing a notion of alienated independence and heightened egocentricity. But, it is valuable to think logically, how do we incorporate another’s viewpoints or beliefs into ours own when we are two different individuals travelling different routes? How can we ever amalgamate our distinct fates that are uniquely ours own? And finally who conferred the authority to state where I failed and what should be done to make the circumstance socially favourable? 

The key to understanding all this I believe is vested within ourselves. We often fail to see the embodiment of good among us and this failure of realisation has led us to seek the presence of acceptance elsewhere. At least once in our lives, it is wiser to look through our own spectacles of chaos and realise that the trauma, tragedy, confusion which had overtaken us as our guardian companions or even friends who constitute what we are today. In that context, it is wrongful to hide these friendships deep away and to replace them with others’ views of fanatic optimism. It is valuable time we accept what is ours own. There’s nothing to showcase to the world when we can patiently seek answers ourselves, perhaps it’ll be helpful to silently consult our friends. At least I think so.