My size is nice

By Shehani Samarakkody

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“You are fat”

“You are way too skinny”

“How much do you even eat?”

“Isn’t that too much?”

“Go look at yourself in the mirror”

“How ugly you are!”

“Lose some weight”

Body shaming won’t ever end. This is the truth. I have experienced and tortured myself for not being or having an “ideal” body. Why does this happen? Let me tell you a fact that literally, no one can ever change. People will never stop talking over how “imperfect” your body is.

At present, words such as ugly, beautiful, fat, or thin have become norms, labels, and so-called personality traits that limit you. For each criticism you receive, others won’t realize that they’re taking something away. But what if you stop listening to those words and start hearing your inner voice? The voice of self-acceptance. Self-love and self-worth.

Do we need to care about what other people think of our bodies? Because you aren’t limited only to your body shape or outer flaws. We have more value and morals than our skin.

There are two options to fight body shame and body criticism.

  1. Self-acceptance
  2. Helping others to accept themselves

We might feel that changing our bodies might be the answer. If only we can be thinner, stronger, or more beautiful, we restrict ourselves from the things that we love and make ourselves adapt to the things that others wish us to do. Healing from body shame shouldn’t only be done externally. It should be within internally as well. Else the individual would be a representation of other’s remarks.

Everyone has their freedom. Accept that you shouldn’t lose weight or go on diets just because someone else said you to change. Make the difference for yourself by coming out with love and compassion. Make good choices instead of pushing yourself into criticism. Why can’t we love ourselves as much as we put effort to make love someone else back?  The problem is that we avoid self-love and self-acceptance.

Don’t change for the sake of others. Change for yourself and celebrate every step of your journey. Remind yourself daily and spread love and support for others who don’t love their true beauty by making a difference for yourself as well.

“I love myself for who I was, for who I am, and who I hope to become. Your size is nice”


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