Because of my pills

Dash the glass on the floor,

All of them to the ground,

Let them crack to make the noise

And resemble my silenced sound


Angrily, I bite my teeth,

The same ones I smile at them with,

Too mad to take a second and breath

My lips trembling to say the filth from deep


This is what I do to myself,

When I feel criticized and begin to rebel

Inside, I know they helped me to get my pills,

Without them, how’d I pay my bills?

When I am about to tell them that their words provoked this thrill,

They always do the same wrong thing and tell me to chill.


One can be loved and hurt by the same

But at night, when I sit silently in bed

Everything recaps in my little head

Now, I’m not too mad to take a second and breath,

My lips trembling to apologize from deep

For life is short, and the best moments

could be even shorter


It was just me, neglecting my pills,

Not knowing that getting ill again was

never going to give me life’s happiest feels