First Love

By Shehani Samarakkody

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Different forms of love in this world make me believe that ‘love’ is a powerful term. When I was a young girl, I wished to be like the princesses in happily ever after stories.

The term ‘love’ despite the many complex aspects to it, remains to be one of the strongest and most powerful emotions that could overthrow any primitive instinct. When I was young, love to me was fairytales and a prince charming who rode on horseback to save his poor damsel in distress. The older I got, I realized no matter who crossed my path, no matter who altered my definition of love and romance, my parents will always remain to be my first love.

Throughout this short lifetime, we’re granted to live, people come and go like the seasons. Some kind, some fearless, some short-tempered and some that leave without an excuse, but the only constant rocks who’ll never leave are our parents. Despite my many flaws and my many mistakes, they’ll never see me in a different light regardless of circumstances. They guided me through every hurdle I struggled to overcome in life. The only people who’ll treat you the same through the highs and lows without passing any judgments.

The love we receive from our parents proves that all of us are blessed. By taking our hands, they made us walk, taught us how to communicate, to learn, and to not cross boundaries in life, they raised us without any desire to get something back in return.

To love and be loved by them unconditionally is a blessing in itself. They’re not only parents but also every child’s very first teachers. Their selfless sacrifices have paved the path for a luxurious life in which their children will be happier.

Like every child, I love my parents because this love is gender-free and unconditional.

My mother, despite working tirelessly all day every day, is the last to eat in the family because she has to ensure everyone else has eaten. My father, like the arms of a tree, bears all needs and responsibilities on his shoulders and yet finds time to devote to us.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, we take our parents for granted. They are the ones who stay with us when nobody else is there. No family is perfect. To say, “I love you” will make a hard day softer by appreciating those whom you love. It’s the small gestures that count. Dr T.P. Chia said, “Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving”. I agree with this famous quote. More than the happily ever after(s) in storybooks I read on love, my parents have taught me the true meaning behind “First love”.


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